Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Asia for Animals (AfA) International Conference 2015

The Asia for Animals (AfA) International Conference is the largest animal welfare conference which is held twice annually all around Asia. Malaysia will be hosting the first AfA at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching from 6th to 10th Oct 2015. The theme for AfA Borneo 2015 is “Partnerships Breed Success”

It will see participation of delegates and speakers comprising companies, experts, researchers, agencies, students and animal advocates from around the world who work on animal welfare and wildlife management.

The AfA Borneo 2015 will allow delegates to network, exchange ideas and build lasting collaborations for developing practical and viable strategies to address key challenges related to animal welfare and wildlife management in developing countries.

This year’s conference will include seven themes – animals in the wild (aquatic and terrestrial); domestic animals (pets and farms); managing strays; animal care (veterinary centre); animal care (rescue and rehabilitation); animals in captivity; and animals in trade. There are two additional sessions - The Future of Borneo’s Animals and Managing an NGO.

Notable speakers will include curator of mammals at the Sarawak Museum Datuk Seri Dr Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy, founder of The Dorsal Effect Kathy Xu, Blue Paw Trust’s Dr Ganga de Silva, Amy Dunstone from Australian volunteers for International Development and veterinarian Dr Katherine Polak

Fees for the conference are USD350 (RM800 for Malaysian Residents) for the five-day package, USD100 (RM200 for Malaysian Residents) single-day package and RM350 for students for four days.

For more info and to register, click here 

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