Thursday, January 26, 2006

Valentine Willie Fine Art February

Tang Da Wu: Heroes, Islanders

VWFA begins its 2006 exhibition calendar with leading Singaporean contemporary artist, Tang Da Wu (b.1943). Since returning to Singapore with a doctorate from London's Goldsmiths College in 1988, the artist has invigorated the regional art scene with his many social and environmental themed art performances and installations. Tang Da Wu is also known for founding Singapore's ‘Artists Village’ and being awarded the Arts and Culture Prize at the 10th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 1999. On show at VWFA will be a major new series of Chinese ink on paper.

Since 2003, the artist has been diligently capturing his impressions of islanders who inspire him. For Tang Da Wu, real heroes and true stories are found in the faces of the anonymous – old ladies who collect scrap cardboard and metal, saving money for their grandchildren’s future, groups of young people “hanging out”, hawkers and peddlers in corners of the island, forgotten or changed beyond recognition. His dark, sometimes brutish, often humorous pictures challenge viewers to find in these people something beyond the idealized and the stereotypical. The contrasting and layered ink washes give depth and reality to his characters, while strongly caricaturized features add power and pathos. Mixed with these portraits of the unknown and ordinary urban heroes are also pictures of powerful people on the Singapore arts scene. The encounter between such individualistic personalities with the idiosyncratic style of an artist such as Tang Da Wu results in paintings full of surprising forms and mysterious signs. Tang Da Wu gives us contemporary stories from a Singapore few see from the outside, immortalizing a moment in these islanders’ history.

Exhibitions For 2006 -

Duration: February 9 - 25, 2006
Location: 1st Floor No. 17, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Gallery and Resource Room Opening hours: From 12 - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 12 - 6 pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Admission is free.
Tel: 03-2284 2348 / Telefax: 03-2282 5190 / e-mail:

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Harith Iskandar's - But That's Another Story Again

Gardner & Wife Theatre Season 2006

This hilarious “shut up comedy” from Japan stars a highly-acclaimed physical comedy duo who will
perform a silent comedy that absolutely transcends anything you think you know about clowning, magic and mime! “a show to fall in love with... irresistibly, endearingly funny and undoubtedly the most skilled, and clever comedy in Edinburgh” - The Scotsman

Date: March 3 – 19, 2006
Venue:The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
BEST DUBBEL ACT - Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2004
TAP WATER AWARD WINNER -Edinburgh Fringe 2005


After receiving spam email from Nigeria, Dean Cameron assumed the identity of a sexually confused Florida millionaire, whose only companions are his houseboy
and cats, and began a nine-month correspondence with the scammer.

With Victor Isaac as the bewildered Nigerian, the show – taken from the actual letters – documents the hilariousrelationship which descends into misunderstanding, desperation and deception…! “sharp, original and funny in every way” – Three Weeks

Date: April 4 – 16, 2006
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


Fresh from her sell-out success of at The Esplanade, playing to over 30,000 adoring fans over its two weeks, Singapore's answer to Bette Midler descends on Kuala Lumpur. Aided and abetted by her aide-de-camp Hossan Leong, a grand piano, big hair, wacky lyrics, a forest of false eyelashes and mile-high shoes (and that's just Hossan's costumes!), KL may never recover! “I have never laughed so hard at The Esplanade before” – Today, Singapore

Date: May 16 – 28, 2006
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


Of his smashing UK experience, Sebastian quips “I learnta lot about how the English don’t know how to ‘lim teh’ or‘lim jiu’ or talk properly to ‘lim peh’!” Back to his roots as a born-and-bred-in- Redhill, Chow Ah Beng! and he is dying to tell us all about it.Come enjoy his Hokkien inspired humour as he ponders the difference between all things East and West. Come listen to his silky smooth "I'm a GeTai God" crooning voice as he rips into those Show Tunes. He's living proof that you CAN take the ChineseHelicopter out of Miss Saigon! “Brought down the house" - Straits Times, Singapore

Date: July 4 – 16, 2006
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

A Gospel According To St Luke
In a compelling ninety minutes, Bruce Kuhn’s one-man performance transports his audience back to the days when Christ walked the earth, presented with the urgency and humour of someone who was there. Alone on stage, the actor weaves the tale of Christ without props or sets, dressed in modern, casual clothing.THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ST LUKE is a stunning soloperformance, memorised word for word from the Authorized (King James) Version, and recounted with the
same passion and surprise listeners must have felt at the first telling. "What makes this show special is its unpretentious honesty" - The Scotsman

Date: September 12 – October 1, 2006
Venue: The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


Comic string trio PLUCK returns to Kuala Lumpur with an all-new show “The Specialists”. Cheekily describe themselves as “what happens when great music falls into the hands of talented idiots”, these three crazy classical musicians have astonished audiences worldwide with their unique combination of comedy and superb musicianship. PLUCK has played to sold-out houses in the UK, Europe, Sydney’s Big Laugh Comedy Festival, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Finland’s Jyvaskyla Festival and Italy’s Tetro della Tosse in Genoa. “one of the most enjoyable shows… Dripping with
creativity and originality, PLUCK’s performance is not to be missed” – The Star

Date: October 24 – November 12, 2006
Venue:The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

Bond Wine Tasting and Art Appreciation

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Actors Studio @ BSC February & March 2006

FEBRUARY at The Actors Studio @ BSC
The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre
Boxoffice: 03 20930400/1400


Harith Iskander’s…BUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY,AGAIN! (English Comedy)

Presented by Principal Connection (M) Sdn Bhd

Well, here we are … into the 2nd month of 2006. Chinese New Year has just passed and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Before you know it Puasa month will be on us again and soon we’ll be dragging out the Christmas decorations. Trust me, time goes by THAT fast! Oh, by the way, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all Malaysians and thank you for coming to the show. (Speaking of which, when I was growing up it was Kong Hee Fatt Choy … when exactly did it officially change to Gong Xi Fa Cai? … but that’s another story.)

Anyway, welcome to ‘Harith Iskander’s “…but that’s another story, again.” The reason there is an ‘again’ at the end of the sentence is because this is actually the second run of this performance; the first aptly titled Harith Iskander’s “… but that’s another story.” was held in the month of July 2005 at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center.

Did you go and see it? … No? … What? … You didn’t even know it was on??? … well, that’s why I am doing it …. Again! It’s for all of those people (i.e. most of you) who missed the first round and asked for it again.

Actually I got the idea from Peter Jackson. He did the same thing with King Kong. For all those who missed the original version in1933 he did another one in 2005 … but that’s another story.

Anyway, I am not one to really harp on about ‘what this show is about’ mainly cause I think it will become self explanatory as you watch it. Neither am I one to expound too much on my achievements and past history …. You will hear all about that during the show.

All I will say is this is my 15th year of doing stand up comedy and I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoy doing it. And I am glad I left the job as an audio/visual producer in an advertising agency all that time ago to pursue this thing called ‘comedy’ or not I might not be saying the same thing .. but that’s another story.

1 – 4 February 2006 @ 8.30pm
1 & 5 February 2006 @ 3pm
Ticket: RM 37/52 50% for students and Sr. Citizens with valid ID

CHEET CHAT (English Comedy)
Presented by The Actors Studio, directed by Mark Beau de Silva

A message from the girls...
Me and that Suzy going to do our comedy show againlah this February 10,11 and 12 at The Actors Studio Bangsar,

You knowlah in November we do the show to full house in Penang, not we want to action or whatlah but since so many people ask us to do again, we mah do loh...

We want to try and seelah, we can still make people enjoy or not, because last time we try the direct selling business never work, our Tamil Tuition Centre Idea also never work, somemore my husband always pok pek pok pek at home, Suzy mother also, at least do this can express lah, you know, shout our heart out a bit, and maybe also can laugh laugh, have a bit amusement, we hope when you come also you can amuse la. Somemore this time, got new chaboh joining the showlah, our indon cleaner, Siti Sootee, she very funny onelah this girl, always sing sing when she talk..

You want to come that one you must call number: 03-2094 0400/1400. This show is RM20 and RM30. Remember ah, come lah…

10-11 February 2006 @ 8.30pm
11-12 February 2006 @ 3pm

Ticket price:
RM 30/RM20 50% for student with valid ID.

EDUCATING RITA (English Comedy)
University lecturer Frank needs to earn some extra money, so he agrees to tutor an Open University student. Enter Rita, a brash, earthy hairdresser who like Eliza Dootlittle, decides that with an education, she can changer her life and break free from the constraints of her social class and family. Together the teacher and the student embark on a fascinating and hilarious journey which transforms them both. Rita becomes educated and finds the courage and self-confidence to live a more fulfilled and rewarding life. Frank is finally able to make up his mind, leave the university and starts afresh in Australia.
In her attempts to appreciate literature, Rita challenges the attitudes of a traditional university, teaching Frank to question his own understanding of his work and himself. In this attempts to teach Rita, Frank falls in love with her, and their intimacy enables them both to have a profound impact on each other.

Dates: 20 – 21 February 2006 @ 8.00pm
Ticket Prices: RM 62 (Adults), RM 42 (Adults), RM 37 (Students)

ACTORLYMPICS! (English Comedy)
Presented by Vision Works and starring the Actorlympian All-Stars!
Following the smashingly successful run of Actorlympics! end-of-year run in December, the troops are back again in February to help you belly-laugh your way through 2006! Actorlympics! is Malaysia's version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" and guarantees a different show every night, because the games are all improvised every night based on the fresh suggestions given by each new audience. Book early to avoid disappointment! Check the box office for different nightly cast line up one week before show opens.

22 – 26 February 2006 @ 8.30pm
RM 47, RM42
RM 22 for sr. citizens and students

Presented by Heart Towards The Sun Theatre Production, supported by The Actors Studio

Synopsis: Base on a true story. A young man found out that he is a HIV carrier when he decided to become a good person. He couldn’t accept the truth and started to be freightened. But soon he starts to learn to accept the caring and love from his family and friends. He then decides to land a hand to those HIV and AIDS patients to help them to get on with their lives positively.

24 February 2006 @ 8.30pm (Show)
25 February 2006 @ 3pm & 8.30pm (Show)
26 February 2006 @ 3pm (Show)
Charity Night Show – for tickets, please contact


TARUH! TARUH! TARUH! (Stand up comedy)

Presented by Monti and Logi

Synopsis: Bolehmen Monti and Logi are back with a vengeance and back to the core basic of comedy....that is to attack every one, everything, every idea and everywhere in the world.
No issue is too sensitive, sex, race, religion, gender, nationality, policy..............Be prepared for impromptu moments.
29 – 31 February @ 8.30pm (Show)
1 / 4: 8.30pm (Show)
2 / 4: 3pm (Show)

Ticket Price: RM 35/ RM 45 + RM2 Axcess Charge

Presented by Gardner & Wife Theatre

*Promotion: MOSHI- MOSHI PACKAGE *(promotion ends feb. 24 2006)
Synopsis: This hilarious “shut up comedy” from Japan stars a highly-acclaimed physical comedy duo who will perform a silent comedy that absolutely transcends anything you think you know about clowning, magic and mime!
2: 10am – 12am (Bump in and rehearsal)
3 – 4, 10 – 11, 17 – 18:9pm (show)
5, 7 – 9, 12, 14 – 16, 19: 8pm (show)
4 – 5, 11 – 12, 18 – 19: 3pm (show)
Ticket Price: RM 57, RM72 & RM82 (Tues – Thurs)
RM 67, RM 82 & RM92 (Fri – Sat)
RM 57, RM 72, RM 82 (Sunday)
RM 52 & RM67 (Matinee)

The Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Auditions


On 13 January 06, PETRONAS, together with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) announced the inauguration of the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (MPYO) at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

Talented musicians from all over the country aged between 14 and 26 will be invited to audition for the MPYO this coming May 06 and June 06 for a season of activities that starts in September 2006.

The début concert of the MPYO will take place in August 2007 at Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS (DFP) as part of the MPO’s 10th anniversary gala celebrations. Prior to that, the MPYO will conduct a series of music camps and weekend rehearsals around the country under the guidance of the MPYO Principal Conductor, Kevin Field.

Each season, members of the orchestra will receive expert coaching from the musicians of the MPO on a variety of symphonic and chamber music and have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses and workshops.

Principal Conductor, Kevin Field said, “The formation of the MPYO is one of the most important music events since the formation of the MPO itself and I can’t wait to discover talented youths from across the country who will form a group of dedicated musicians passionate about performing.”

Kevin was keen to acknowledge that this was not just an ensemble for Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley. He said, ”We are auditioning right across the country; have scheduled music camps in and outside of KL throughout the season and will be touring nationally next year.”

The MPYO will offer regular rehearsal and performance opportunities and, in doing so, will provide its members with a host of life-long skills that can be utilised in whatever professional career path each member chooses to take.

Kevin went on to say, “Most of my colleagues in my youth orchestra days went on to become everything but a professional musician!”. Kevin added, “The MPYO is there as a vital addition to an overall learning experience. We hope that some day a few may be of a standard to join the MPO but whatever their career choice, the experience garnered from performing in the MPYO will last them a lifetime.”

For further information, kindly contact the MPYO Administrator at 03-2051 7748 / 3243 (direct lines), 03-2051 7008 (general line), fax at 03-2051 7599 or email

Monday, January 09, 2006

KLPac Presents My Mother by Taihen (TAS & Japan Foundation KL)

Taihen, the first performing arts group in the world by the physically handicapped, has been actively performing in Japan since 1983. Ms. Manri KIM, the founder & Artistic Director of Taihen, discovered that the disabled body has expressions that no one else can create. Their twisted and distorted bodies, which are normally considered ungainly, can be transformed into peculiar beauty.

Ms. Kim, the daughter of a fine classical Korean performing artist, was severely disabled by polio at the age of three. This time round, she will be performing solo in a symbolic piece that combines:
- Mold-breaking expressions by the physically disabled
- Soul of the Korean classical performing arts
- and Kazuo Ohno's BUTOH

The upcoming performances and workshops in Malaysia by Taihen will serve to introduce the idea of theatre by the disabled to the local community. Her workshops are free-of-charge with two different sessions: Worskhop A for the disabled and Workshop B for the non-disabled.


Date & Time:

20 January 2006, Friday at 8.30pm
21 – 22 January 2006, Saturday & Sunday at 3.00pm
Venue: Pentas 2, KLPac
Ticket Price: RM 30 (adults) and RM 15 (the disabled, students and JFKL members)
Contact: KLPac: 03-4047 9000 or TAS@BSC: 03-2094 9400


Date: 16 – 18 January 2006, Monday - Wednesday

Workshop A (for disabled): 2pm – 5pm
Workshop B (for non-disabled who assists the disabled): 7pm – 10pm
Venue: Pentas 2, KLPac
Admission: Free (first-come-first serve basis)

For More Info (full synopsis, about Taihen & Ms Kim's Profile), click