Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Valentine Willie Fine Art Gallery Final Show For 2005

Nirmala Dutt Shanmughalingam: Tsunami 2004-2005
At Valentine Willie Fine Art’s final exhibition of the year will be a two-part show of Nirmala Dutt Shanmughlingam's work.

Nirmala Dutt Shanmughalingam (b. 1941) might aptly be called the conscience of our times. She has been an unsung pioneer in more ways than one, not simply as an early woman artist, but in her approach, making installations using photography, found materials and text from the early 70s, apart from painting. From her first works on environmental destruction and poor living conditions in slums in our own backyard through epic paintings on world disasters and war atrocities, Nirmala has remained perhaps our most socially-committed artist. While her work is always deeply emotional, often painful, her artistic integrity is crucial in her push for clarity and impact, so that she is always finding new forms in her art-making.

This December, Nirmala shows a major new series of paintings made in response to the Asian tsunami of December 2004. Overwhelmed by the sense of awe she felt at the time, and moved by descriptions of the day, these deeply emotional abstract paintings describe the engulfing effect of the water, the sense of the bright blue sky and a sea of ashes.

Part of the proceeds from Tsunami 2004-2005 will be donated to MICROSEED (www.microseed.org), a non-profit group supporting entrepreneurship among those who suffered most from the Asian tsunami.

Concurrent to the exhibition, we will be showing Private Work: Drawings and Prints by Nirmala Dutt Shanmughalingam in our Annexe Gallery, which will include previously unseen works on paper, dating from the early 1990s onwards.

The gallery will be closed for holidays between 24 Dec 05 till 1 Jan 06

Duration: December 2005 – 14 January 2006
Location: 1st Floor No. 17, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Gallery and Resource Room Opening hours are from 12 - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 12 - 6 pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Admission is free.
Tel: 03-2284 2348 / Telefax: 03-2282 5190 /
e-mail: daniel@artsasia.com.my
Website: www.artsasia.com.my

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Galeri Seni Maya (Dec - Jan)

"Pop Culture" is an exhibition by a group of artists showing their interpretations of today's popular and mass culture. It is an art form that more and more young artists are going into and the Gallery felt that it was important to acknowledge these artists and collectively showcase their works in one exhibition. There will be paintings, printworks, sculptures, books, boxes, t-shirts and many other forms of 2-D and 3-D works. There are over 20 artists participating and they include Nur Hanim Mohd Khairuddin, Zaslan Zeeha Zainee, Azliza Ayub (Pol), Ilham Fadhli Mohd Shaimy (Kojek), Saiful Razman, Shia Yih Yiing, Arie Dyanto, Khairul Azmir Shoib (Meme), Shaifuddin Mamat, Umi Baizurah, +clickproject and Komuniti Jalan Kempas.

Duration: 6 December to 8 January
Location: No.12, 1st floor, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: +603-2282-2069
Email: maya@mayagallery.com.my.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11am – 7pm, Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 6pm and closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Reka Art Space (December)


The Relatively Free Show 2005, previously known as the Free Show, is an annual open exhibition that invites artists to show their art-works in an environment that accepts and encourages experimentation, challenge, exploration, risk-taking and difference.

Once a year, the management of Reka Art Space surrenders the gallery to artists, letting them decide what they want to show, how they want to show and how much to price their art-works. Reka Art Space only intervenes if the art-works cause physical harm, damage or alter the physical infrastructure of the gallery or are against the law.

The exhibition is open to anyone and everyone, whether they are professional or amateur artists or not artists at all. In the spirit of the meanings carried by the title of the exhibition, no judgement is passed and no institutional criteria imposed on submissions.

When asked what kind of art one can expect from an exhibition like this, Reka Art Space’s gallery manager, Chang Yoong Chia replies,

For me, the excitement of mounting this show lies in it's unpredictability. But for the two previous free shows, I felt the participating artists were too polite. Many submitted art-works that neither really embraced nor challenged the freedom that the gallery offered to them.”

“I hope for this year, the artists will interpret what 'relatively free' can mean in the widest possible sense and shake things up a bit", he further adds.

Duration: 2 December, 2005 – 17 December, 2005.
Location: just off the LDP in Kelana Jaya,
GL29 Block C, Kelana Square, 17 Jalan SS7/26, Kelana Jaya.
Tel: 03-7880 5982.
The gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday from 11am to 5pm.

Valentine Willie Fine Art (December)

ART ± RM 1,000
Following the huge success of previous years Valentine Willie Fine Art is happy to present ART Around 1000. An exhibition of paintings, works on paper and sculptures valued around RM 1000, this will be an excellent opportunity not to be missed for new collectors and seasoned alike. Christmas shoppers will alo have the chance of finding a truly special and memorable gift for friends and family. ART ± 1000 will feature exciting young talents as well as more established figures.

Duration: 1 to 10 December
Location: 1st Floor No. 17, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Gallery and Resource Room Opening hours are from 12 - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 12 - 6 pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Admission is free.
Tel: 03-2284 2348 / Telefax: 03-2282 5190 / e-mail: daniel@artsasia.com.my
Website: www.artsasia.com.my

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Japan Foundation

Japanese Animation – Seminar & Talk
Japanese Animation is one of the top ranking among the youngster even adults. Have you ever wondered why Japanese Animation attracts a lot of people worldwide? Wish to get some clues? This is the golden opportunity for you to get the answers from Mr. TAKEUCHI Koji, a producer, an animator and President of the Telecom Animation Film who is going to give a seminar and a talk on Japanese Animation.

This is a good chance, especially for animators or animation students to discover how Mr. TAKEUCHI managed his productions. There will be a short screening of Japanese and Malaysian animation and discussions between Mr. TAKEUCHI and participants, moderated by Mr. Hassan Abd Muthalib, President of the Animation Society of Malaysia. A lecture on script writing, animation, producing and marketing will also be given by Mr. TAKEUCHI.

This event is jointly organised by The Japan Foundation, FINAS and Malaysian Video Awards (MVA).


Date: 26 November (Sat) 2005
Auditorium P. Ramlee, FINAS, Studio Merdeka Complex, Jalan Hulu Kelang
Time: 10am – 5:30pm
Admission: Free
1000 Briefing of schedule, and introduction of Mr. Takeuchi & Mr. Hassan Muthalib
1010 ANIMATION FILM APPRECIATION: Screening of Malaysian student animation films
1100 Discussion between Mr. Takeuchi & participants about the films, moderated by Mr. Hassan Abd Muthalib. (Hereinafter called “Discussion”)
1130 ANIMATION FILM APPRECIATION 2: Short screening of Japanese animation film and Brief
speech by Mr. Takeuchi about animation in Japan
1230 Discussion
1300 Lunch
1400 Lecture by Mr. Takeuchi: “Script writing and Animation”
1500 Discussion
1530 Tea break
1600 Lecture by Mr. Takeuchi: “Producing and Marketing of Animated film and TV series”
1700 Discussion
1730 Close

Date: 28 November (Mon) 2005
Venue: Auditorium, National Art Gallery, Jalan Temerloh, off Jalan Tun Razak
Time: 2pm – 5pm
Admission: Free
- Short screening of Japanese Animation
- Overseeing Japanese Animation; history, transition and present
- Analysis of Japan’s success
(some contents might be overlapped with “Seminar”)

Darling Muse Art Gallery (January 2006)

Stills & Studies
Handcolored Photographs by Eric Peris & Alex Moh

This is the second time, for Eric Peris and Alex Moh to have a joint exhibition of their works; their first joined exhibition entitled Traces of Time was in 2002.
In this exhibition Eric and Alex will show case hand colored black & white prints on the subject of stills and studies.

The technique of hand colored black and white prints dated back to the 19th century was originated due to the desire to soften the realities and the harshness of the daguerreotype.
The art of handcoloring encompasses vision, meditation, creativity and technique. In the present time, contemporary handcoloring has been recognize as a distinct form, separate from historical handcoloring and as a creative new force in photography.

The subject of stills and studies were popular amongst photographers to philosophise that the use of commonplace ordinary objects serve to awaken the viewer to the extraordinary existing within everyday life. By harnessing light, tonal gradients and attention to detail, recreating reality in an artistic fashion, playing with perspective perceptions and wielding the camera lens as a communicative tool, objects are imbued with emotive qualities.

As a matter of perceptions, we are led to focus on a particular object in a certain way, through the supposedly mechanical eye of the lens. Thus, the four sides of a photograph present a framed world that is defined and determined by the photographer; attention is directed, actions are observed and subjects are surveyed within a suggestive containment. This is particularly pertinent to still-life photography, whereby an ordinary object that may not usually attract more than a passing glance is suddenly drawn into focus, becoming symbolic or alluding to society’s preconceptions and values.

Alex’s choice on the subject of stills and studies images are based on the attraction that they allows him the control over all the elements involved from selection of objects to choice of view to lighting.

He finds stills particularly fascinating for study and photographing. Its structure is characterized by symmetry, rhythm and lines which are never rod straight and the relationship to the surroundings it is found in, often offers it as interesting subjects.

Most of the images are shot outdoor usually unnoticed stills and studies with the potential for a viewer’s eagerness to interpret.
The challenge for him is to compose what he saw, find a relationship among the found elements and make the images ‘speak’ of its quiet beauty.

Eric Peris’s concept of Stills and Studies in this series concentrated on studies made of abandoned objects, plant life and also the interaction of light and shadow on plants. Based on the concept of Japanese woodblock printing in terms of colour. It moves away from the earlier series of: Ukiyo-e – Images of the Floating World.

The colours though pastel in nature but have enhanced it to be more vibrant.

Duration:5 - 29 January 2006

Venue: Darling Muse Art Gallery 142, Jalan Bukit Pantai

Openining hours: Monday to Saturday 11.30am till 7.00pm and Sundays by appointment

Friday, November 18, 2005

Stellar Performances By The MPO And Piano Virtuoso Barry Douglas At DFP

Renowned pianist, Barry Douglas, returns to the Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS’ stage to collaborate with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) in December. Under the baton of the MPO’s Principal Conductor, Matthias Bamert, the scheduled performances are on Saturday, 10 December 05 at 8.30 p.m. and Sunday, 11 December 05 at 3.00 p.m.

Barry Douglas, prior to these performances, has collaborated with the MPO in season 99/00. Besides the MPO, other prominent orchestras that he has performed with include the Berlin Philharmonic and Leipzig Gewandhaus in Germany, the orchestras of Philadelphia, Chicago, Cleveland and Los Angeles in the USA, the NHK and Tokyo symphonies in Japan, and all major orchestras in London. He is particularly known for his performances of the large scale Romantic repertoire including Brahms, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky, and also other less familiar concerti.

With the MPO, he will perform Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat (Op.73) ‘Emperor’, one of the longest concerto ever written. At its premiere in Leipzig in 1811, the press described it as ‘one of the most original, imaginative, effective and difficult of all existing concertos’.

The MPO will also present Schoenberg’s Pelleas And Melisande (Op.5). The composer had a passion for literature and is a prolific writer. He fell under the spell of Maeterlinck’s dark and evocative tale of the destructive power of love. Schoenberg chose to cast it as a Symphonic Poem which he composed between 1902 and 1903. He himself conducted the premiere of the work in Vienna in 1905. The work runs without a break, comprises of eleven scenes cast in four parts, each corresponding to one of the movements of a classical symphony.

Enjoy the stellar performances by the MPO and pianist Barry Douglas, the finest of its kind, only at DFP!

Concert Details
Saturday, 10 December 05 at 8.30 p.m.
Sunday, 11 December 05 at 3.00 p.m.

Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS
PETRONAS Twin Towers

Orchestra / Conductor / Soloist
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthias Bamert conductor
Barry Douglas piano

Schoenberg : Pelleas And Melisande (Op.5)
Beethoven : Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat (Op.73)

Ticket Prices
Premium: RM95, A Reserve: RM75, B Reserve: RM55, C Reserve: RM25

Ticket Prices
Premium: RM85, A Reserve: RM65, B Reserve: RM40, C Reserve: RM20

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday:10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., 9.00 p.m. on performance nights

Performance Sundays: 12.00 noon to performance time

Telephone Bookings: 03 - 2051 7007 Fax Bookings: 03 - 2051 7077

E-mail Bookings:

Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS / MPO website:

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Renowned Cellist Jian Wang Performs With The MPO At DFP

Renowned cello virtuoso Jian Wang returns to the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas stage performing with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) again after their successful collaboration in season 00/01. His latest appearance with the MPO is scheduled on Friday, 2 December 05 and Saturday, 3 December 05 at 8.30 p.m., and Sunday, 4 December 05 at 3.00 p.m.

These concerts will be conducted by the MPO’s Principal Conductor, Matthias Bamert.

Jian Wang will perform Haydn’s intriguing Cello Concerto No.1 in C with the MPO. It contains a grand first movement with a courtly orchestral introduction, followed by a lyrical second movement. The third movement begins with one of Haydn’s typically cheeky melodies complete with unexpected athletic leaps and sudden changes of dynamic.

Jian Wang has collaborated with renowned artists like Claudio Abbado, Maxim Vengerov and Riccardo Chailly, and has performed with leading orchestras like the NHK Symphony, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Zurich Tonhalle and the Orchestre National de France. He has also performed in China, the UK, Japan, Switzerland and the USA.

The MPO will also perform Sibelius’ Pelleas and Melisande (Op.46), a dark, dreamlike tale about the terrifying power of love.

Finally, the MPO will present the monumental Brahms’ Symphony No.1 in C minor (Op.68). Composed in 20 years, this work quickly earned respect and was recognised by many as the natural successor of Beethoven’s. Some referred to it openly as ‘Beethoven’s Tenth’.

Be mesmerised by the collaboration of the MPO and cellist Jian Wang, an unmissable treat for classical music lovers!

Concert Details
Friday 2 December 05 and Saturday 3 December 05 at 8.30 p.m.
Sunday 4 December 05 at 3.00 p.m.

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, Petronas Twin Towers

Orchestra / Conductor / Soloist
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthias Bamert conductor
Jian Wang cello

Ticket Prices ( 2 & 3 Dec 05 )
Premium: RM95, A Reserve: RM75, B Reserve: RM55, C Reserve: RM25

Ticket Prices ( 4 Dec 05 )
Premium: RM85, A Reserve: RM65, B Reserve: RM40, C Reserve: RM20

Sibelius : Pelleas and Melisande (Op.46)
Haydn : Cello Concerto No.1 in C
Brahms : Symphony No.1 in C minor

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday:10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., 9.00 p.m. on performance nights
Performance Sundays: 12.00 noon to performance time

Telephone Bookings: 03 - 2051 7007 Fax Bookings: 03 - 2051 7077
E-mail Bookings:
Dewan Filharmonik Petronas / MPO website:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Three Of Asia’s Leading Jazz Luminaries Collaborate For The First Time At DFP

“You don’t expect such a technically dazzling pianist to have such an intimate and wistful vocal sound. Jeremy is a consistently excellent vocalist.’
Chicago Jazz Magazine, 2005

Be mesmerised when two jazz pianists, Jeremy Monteiro and Michael Veerapen, and Singaporean vocalist, Rani Singam team up to create unique sounds at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas (DFP) on Monday, 5 December 05 and Tuesday, 6 December 05 at 8.30 p.m. These performances are under the Jazz & World Music Series.

This will be Jeremy Monteiro’s third performance at DFP; the first one was in season 99/00 with his group Asiana, and the second one was a collaboration with legendary jazz maestro James Moody in season 00/01. Dubbed as ‘Singapore’s King of Swing’, Jeremy has won critical acclaim around the world.

Having recorded a total of 21 albums, Jeremy has performed and recorded with prominent jazz artists like Michael Brecker, Herbie Mann, Paulinho DaCosta, Charlie Haden, and Simon & Garfunkel, to name a few. In 1990, he was admitted as an active voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (Los Angeles Chapter) and voted at the Grammy Awards from 1991 to 2002. In 1992, he produced Ernie Watts’ album, ‘Stand Up’. He has composed and produced over 700 works.

Jeremy has garnered many accolades throughout his illustrious career including a Silver Medal at the International Radio Festival of New York in 1991 as well as finalist awards at London International Advertising Awards. In 2002, he was conferred the Cultural Medallion, Singapore’s pinnacle award in arts achievement.

Michael Veerapen is a name most people would associate with Malaysian jazz. He has worked with many popular bands in the 1970s and was responsible for the tremendous interest in jazz after collaborating with drummer Lewis Pragasam and organising Malaysia’s first jazz rock concert in 1978. He has traveled around the world performing at jazz festivals with notable musicians.

Rani Singam sings in a style truly reminiscent of great jazz singers, moulding her unique style with the influences of Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Anita O’ Day. Her repertoire straddles everything from swinging jazz standards, ballads to smooth bossa nova tunes. In 2003, at the Businessman of the Year Award in Singapore, she was introduced as ‘the next big thing in jazz vocals in Asia’. In 2005, she performed at James Moody’s 80th Birthday Concert at the Esplanade concert hall, Singapore.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of jazz by three leading jazz luminaries of Asia, only at DFP. It will be a musical treat you will not forget!

Concert Details
Monday, 5 December 05 and Tuesday, 6 December 05 at 8.30 p.m.

Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, KLCC

Jeremy Monteiro piano
Michael Veerapen piano
Rani Singam vocals

Ticket Prices
Premium: RM140, A Reserve: RM100, B Reserve: RM60, C Reserve: RM40

Box Office Hours
Monday to Saturday:10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m., 9.00 p.m. on performance nights
Performance Sundays: 12.00 noon to performance time

Telephone Bookings : 03- 2051 7007 Fax Bookings : 03- 2051 7077
E-mail Bookings :
Dewan Filharmonik Petronas / MPO website: www.malaysianphilharmonic.com

Thursday, November 10, 2005

European Union Chamber Orchestra (EUCO)

The EUCO gave its first concerts in 1981 and has since gained a worldwide reputation as a musical ambassador for the European Union. With an annual schedule of 60 concerts, regular tours take it to many prestigious halls worldwide. The Orchestra has performed with many legendary artists including Yehudi Menuhin, James Galway, Lazar Berman, Mischa Maisky, Severino Gazzeloni and Igor Oistrakh.

This year, the British Council in conjunction with the UK's presidency of the European Union, is bringing the EUCO to Kuala Lumpur. Their one and only performance here in November is definitely a not-to-be-missed event as it will showcase some of Europe's finest classical musicians.

The 19-strong orchestra from 11 member countries of the European Union will be directed by multi award-winning Matthias Wollong. Wollong is concert master of the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Berlin and has directed tours and concerts by the German Chamber Orchestra and the New Berlin Chamber Orchestra.

EUCO has received funds from the British Council, Goethe-Institut, the Ministry of Culture of Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy and the Cultural Relations Committee of Ireland. The EUCO also gratefully acknowledges funding from the European Parliament.

Concerto for Two Horns in D major TELEMANN, 1681-1767
Violin Concerto no. 5 in A major K.219 MOZART, 1756-1791
Blessed ELAINE AGNEW, 1967
Two Waltzes op.54 DVORAK, 1841-1904
Symphony no.64 in A major 'Temporar Mutantur' HADYN, 1732-1809

15 Nov 2005 Tuesday @ 8.30pm
Venue : Pentas 1, KLpac
Tickets: RM 60 & RM 40 (50% Discount for Students below 18)
Bookings: 603 4047 9000 (KLPac)

Fax: 603 4047 9011
603 2094 9400 (TAS BSC)

Alliance Francaise French Literature Festival 2005

8. November- 10. December 2005

”Existentialist despair and anguish is the acknowledgment that man is condemned to freedom.”

Jean-Paul Sartre (
June 21, 1905– April,15 1980) was a French philosopher, dramatist, novelist and critic but also playwright and exponent of Existentialism- a philosophy acclaiming the freedom of the individual human being. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1964, but he declined it.

In 2005, Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur will be celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Sartre’s year of Birth.

Therefore, a Sartre- Exhibition will take place in Alliance Française’s premises from November, 25th until December, 10th.

This exhibition will show Sartre’s life and thought that have been strongly influenced by the geopolitical context of the 20th century in Europe.

And at this occasion a Sartre- Conference in English will be held by
Mrs. Fred Suriya (writer) on Saturday 3. December, 8.p.m,
in Alliance Française.
Main Topic of the conference will be Sartre’s Life and Works as well as his famous concept of Freedom of Existence (References: Existentialism and Humanism, Being and Nothingness, No Exit).

Comics Writing Contest
Date: 8. November- 10. December


Alliance Française de Kuala Lumpur
15, Lorong Gurney (off Jalan Semarak)
54100 Kuala Lumpur

Sutra Dance Theatre

Sutra Dance Theatre will be closing our 2005 performance calendar with

"Between Earth and Sky" Details as follows:

Nov 10 & 11 (Thurs & Fri) Odissi by Masako Ono
Nov 14 & 15 (Mon & Tues) The Yolngu Aboriginal Dance Group from Arnhem Land, Australia
Nov 16 (Wed) Photography exhibition by Alan Ng, Pow Chin and Nirmala Karuppiah
Nov 25, 26 & 27 (Fri, Sat & Sun) Contemporary Dance Performance by Ramli Ibrahim and Sutra Dancers

No 12, Persiaran Titiwangsa 3
53200 Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8.30 pm
Admission is by donation of RM 30, with the exception of photography exhibition, which is free.
Phone bookings may be made by calling:- 603 4021 1092/ 603 4022 9669

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Actors Studio in November

The Artist (Dance & Drama)

Presented by Celestar Studio of Performing Arts.

Dates: 9 November 2005 @ 8.30 PM

Tickets: RM47

Beauty, tranquility, harmony, peace-one man's perception.
For some of us beauty can be the aquamarine colors of the ocean, the powder blueness of the sky, the curve of a woman's hips, the fullness of her breast. The thickness of a man's neck..... the size of his bank account.
For me it is the sight of the Indian Ocean chasing at my heels on 26th December 2004,....for The Artist it is the devastation and the destruction that it caused-for him it is death.
For some of us tranquility is the soft sound of the waves as it breaks, the stillness of the night, a sleeping baby. For me it is the period during a cease-fire....for The Artist it is watching a person breathe their last breath.
Harmony-for some of us it is the relation amongst the celestial bodies, the balance between the moon and the ocean... Malaysian Society. For me it is Jesus-God/Man. For The Artist, harmony is dying at the hands of another.
Peace-the most sought after state- we spend our entire lifetime in pursuance of peace. Most have sought and found it through spirituality and religion. I don’t believe in it. The Artist kills to achieve it!!!

November Show details:
Teacher and Tanah Bernanah (English & Malay Drama Double Bill)
Presented by The Actors Studio, directed by Razali
Dates: 12 November @ 8.30 PM 13 November @ 3 PM
Tickets: RM30 RM20 50% Students and senior citizens.

Oli Impan aka Tanah Bernanah

A play based on a Filipino script about the identity of a nation. Set in a Malaysian squatter, the play centers around two children who are trying very hard to live amidst their dysfunctional parents. There's Kiah, the prostitute who masquerades as a fortuneteller, Salmah the hypocritical makcik who can't stand the fact that the men have stopped looking at her, and Bidin who 'loves to watch'... The play starts with the children playing with boxes, cloth and other sampah, continues with a catfight and ends with a state that's destitute, but always hopeful, just as long as the kids continue to pla


Some people are born into the profession; their mother and father are teachers, so they are expected to be one too. Some chose it because medicine is just too difficult, and others because the government chose it for them. And then, there are a few who sit the dolls in a row, with tiny books on their laps; teach them the ABC and 123; how to say ‘Hello’ and ‘Good morning’…

‘You see, I’m not just their teacher, I’m going to tell them about the world, life; help them be the best they can be!’

‘Teacher’ is a tale of one woman’s sacrifice, dedication, and love for her students, profession, and life. ‘Teacher’ is based on real stories of Malaysian English teachers. The games and songs featured in the play are real ones used in Malaysian classrooms.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

dramalab presents "Jit Happens... Again"

Venue: The Actors Studio Bangsar, Bangsar Shopping Centre 3rd Floor, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, KL
Run: Tuesday 22nd November to Sunday 27th November, 8:30pm (no matinee performances)

Tickets: RM50 and RM35
Bookings: The Actors Studio Box-Office (03) 2094-0400 or (03) 2094-1400
25% for advance ticket buyers until 31st October
50% for students and senior citizens (limited to two per person)
FREE extra seat with every four tickets from 1st November
For further group discounts, contact

Cast: Jit Murad
Set Designer: Raja Maliq
Lighting Designer: Mac Chan
Artistic Director: Zahim Albakri
Producer: Zahim Albakri

He’s back! After performing in front of packed houses with the original “Jit Happens” – and fresh from co-writing the hit show “Separation 40” – the incorrigible, indomitable and irrepressible Jit Murad goes back to the stage one more time with his much-loved one-man comedy show. Stuffed with endearing anecdotes about the people in his life to explicitly animated stories of his childhood – and a guest appearance from his maniacal counterpart René Choy, of course – “Jit Happens… Again” is a welcome return of humour and imagination to the funny stage. To enthusiasts, Jit’s childlike exuberance and adult sarcasm is a brilliant blue flame of creativity… and the perfect holiday treat for anyone in search of a good, LOUD laugh. Ya, you? Ya, you!

Afdlin Shauki's "Why You Still Fat?"

This Raya month, Afdlin Shauki returns with more of his unique brand of humour in a continuation of his original show “Why You So Fat?” which last played at The Actors Studio Box in Plaza Putra, Dataran Merdeka.

At times intimate and personal, at times sartorial, and always playful, “Why You Still Fat?” is Afdlin’s take on the state of the Malaysian psyche today.
Part proceeds of one night’s takings will be donated to the Penyayang cause.

17 Nov - 20 Nov 8.30pm ,TAS@BSC.

Tickets :
RM 45 / 40 for Adults + RM 2 Axcess charge
RM 20 for students + RM 2 Axcess charge
Charity Night (17th) RM 80 / 70 + RM 2 Axcess charge

Presented by Vision Works & The Actors Studio.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and MPO Chamber Players

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Toyota Classic presents Budapest Operetta Theatre Orchestra

Valentine Willie Fine Art (November)


Since winning the Grand Prize at the Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards in 1998, Kow has garnered much attention and success with depictions of nostalgic rural scenes of east-coast Malaysia captured through his masterful feather-light rendering. His prodigious skills and techniques in oil painting will be on display once again as he presents new scenes inspired by recent documentation of the region. Each painting features a captivating and enigmatic gadis Melayu standing at the beach, looking neither to the viewer nor the sea. Who is she? What is her story? Such are the questions that will be raised and answered as visitors and paintings engage in a silent conversation.
Kow Leong Kiang’s solo exhibition will be open to the public

Duration: 10 to 26 November
Location: 1st Floor No. 17, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Gallery and Resource Room
Opening hours: From 12 - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 12 - 6 pm Saturday. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Admission is free.
Tel: 03-2284 2348 / Telefax: 03-2282 5190
e-mail: daniel@artsasia.com.my
Website: www.artsasia.com.my