Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thoughtful Touches at the Asia for Animals Borneo 2015 International Convention

words: Dave Avran, images: Veronica Ng

In the style of their trademark attention to detail, both the SSPCA and Sarawak’s top conference organizers PLACE added numerous thoughtful touches that the speakers and delegates appreciated. Here are a few that frigglive felt really stood out. 

1.   For the very first time ever, they convinced the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching to not only serve Vegan food throughout the conference duration but to ensure the food served reflected Borneo’s produce and identity. Kudos to the chefs at BCCK for not only accepting the challenge but aceing it in spades, earning praise from both the attendees and organizers.

2.   Upon collecting our ID tags, we found the landyard made up of beads in a striking combination of chilli red, mellow yellow and cool black, the official colors of Sarawak. While it made a lovely souvenir and will always invoke fond memories of attending AFA2015, it also served a higher cause of financially helping the underprivileged kids who hand produced 1000 pieces of it over the span of a year.    
image credit: PLACE Borneo

3.   The organizers ensured that all attendees were greeted with a warm welcome banner at the Kuching airport, and speakers were met promptly and ferried to their hotels in comfort. There were punctual and prompt shuttle buses always on standby, and courteous liaison officers ensured everyone on board was headed to their rightful hotels after the sessions.   

4.   It was a great idea to have a poolside party for speakers where we could mingle and get to know our fellow speakers better. Frigglive has never made so many fb friends in one sitting!

image credit: Julian Matthews

5.   There was a pre-conference tour, four after-conference study tours, plenty of information on hotels, visa requirements, tourist sites, maps, travel times, pick-up points, shuttle times and numerous other helpful tips and downloads for delegates and speakers alike.

6.   The provision of space for many social enterprises to showcase and sell their products and simultaneously create awareness for their cause was indeed a very good initiative.   

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