Saturday, June 05, 2010

Frigglive Review - Adam The Musical

by Dave Avran and Veronica Ng

The script not only expressed the trials and tribulations of an HIV-sufferer and those close to him, it also reveals the complicated and sensitive subject faced by thousands of Malaysians in multi-cultural relationships — religious conversion. Through the eyes of Elsa (Sandra Mannas Wolf) the audience is reminded about the difficulties faced by the family when a member converts.

ATM superbly depicts the scenario when life can go horribly downhill with a twist of fate. The story involves HIV-afflicted Adam (Malik Taufiq) who battles the fatal disease as he plans to marry his fiancée Sylvia (Maria Yasmin/Tabitha Kong) and deals with his Auntie Noni (Datuk Faridah Merican) gives the viewer a nasty reality check.

Although the character of Adam is selfish, his partner Sylvia is the ideal lover, as she deals with his disease while fighting her own battles of converting to Islam, her overly protective sister Elsa and the uncertainty of her future.

The songs by Lim Chuang Yik and Teng Ky-Gan are catchy, especially Jumbo-Size and We Are Alive, about the importance of using condoms and celebrating life, with the dance moves complementing the songs well.

Directed by Joe Hafsham, the musical also featured an interactive black and white film background and an eight-piece band that gave the theatre a ‘live’ feel throughout the two-hour musical.

The three characters who stole the show are two transvestites affectionately called Jambu (Mo Dee) and Mangga (Fairuz Tauhid) with their over the top attire and straight shooting social commentary. Mabel (Tria Aziz) as the wheelchair pushing mama who loves the fact that she is now dead and therefore free from pain, constantly had the audience in stitches (pun intended) .

Despite the one minor whine about ATM’s sudden ending, it achieved its objective to raise awareness of the seriousness of HIV and AIDS in a non-preachy way with entertaining songs and a simple storyline.

Adam The Musical follows up on The Actors Studio’s Life Sdn Bhd 5: I’m Positive and is now playing at The Actors Studio Lot 10 until June 20. Shows are at 8.30pm daily except Mondays and at 3pm on Sundays. Tickets start from RM30 to RM60. Call 03-21422009 for tickets and more information.